Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Public Speaker Educator Motivator with Cheetah
Public Speaker Educator Motivator

Stephen is available for speaking engagements. Specialising in Wildlife Art & Photography featuring his African and Australian Wildlife experiences.

Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Public Speaker Educator Motivator with sedated Rhinoceroses

Stephen has given numerous presentations to school and community groups, attendees at interstate workshops and regular library talks. An experienced, entertaining, and knowledgeable presenter backed by computer presentations and stunning images.

Business seminars, schools & community groups. He can tailor his presentation to any audience. School presentations for all year levels to fit your target outcomes. Experienced presenter & tutor in realist watercolour and oil painting technique and computer based design and image manipulation for VCE arts and design students.

VCE Art camp demonstration. Cropped for privacy of students attending

Found a group of artists in a Rwandan village. Working with ballpoint pens and photocopy paper. Gave an early morning lesson. Later sent a box of materials and photos.

He combines this with his life story and approach to his art, computer, photography and business experience & student results.

Doncaster Camera Club.


'Many thanks for coming to our Camera Club Meeting at Doncaster last Friday.

Your presentation was so interesting and you certainly had some amazing wildlife photos.

The feedback I have had has been very positive and it seems everyone enjoyed your presentation.
We loved your photos and art and I think people would have loved to see more,  especially of your art work. The time certainly passed very quickly.

i appreciate the time you put into that presentation and you came across very professionally'

Knox Photographic Society

Guest speaker Photography Bootcamp 27/08/2016


Ladies Probus Club of Emerald District.
RSL Club rooms in Memorial Drive, Emerald

Victorian Greens

Time - 6:30pm 7/11/2014
Cost of entry - Gold coin donation
Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place
47 Paterson Street East Ringwood 3155

Jells Park Primary School
October 2013

'Thank you so much for coming to Jells Park Primary. Your chat with the kids was phenomenal and I have been getting a continuous stream of approval from all the kids you impacted. It was a very well thought-out presentation and the kids were deeply enthralled and captivated by what you had to say. I would also like to thank you for coming to the first ever art show/ auction at Jells Park and helping to select students work. Students who did earn a ribbon were so thrilled to hear it wasn’t me who selected the work but Mr. Stephen Powell himself.' - Christopher Yoos

Stephen put on a great presentation at Jells Park Primary School. The kids enjoyed seeing his progression from drawing as a untrained artist to his accomplished works as a professional artist. He inspired the students and demonstrated that dreams can come true if you set out to make them a reality. Thank you for sharing you wisdom, knowledge and stories with the students of Jells Park Primary.

Chris Yoos
Art teacher at JPPS

Stephen Powell - Wildlife in Oils
Demonstrator at monthly meeting of Waverley Arts Society.
November Wed 16 2011

Mt. Waverley Community Centre, 47 Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley
(opposite & north of the Railway station)

'Thank you for such a great demonstration it was very entertaining and informative and I along with every one that I have spoken to enjoyed it immensely.'

'Thanks again for a very entertaining presentation.'


Presentation to Steve Morvell's
Wildlife Art Classes - Ballarat

Steve's and I take what appears to be quite a quite different approach to how we create our art. However frequent discussions have revealed more similarities than differences in the thought and methods that are the basis of our work. To teach others we have both struggled with first understanding how we create our art and then how to explain it to others. This was an opportunity to reinforce the core elements of our work and teaching.

My presentations also aim:
To deconstruct the process into steps from reference selection to finished work into manageable stages and then into simple tasks with few variables.

To dispel the myth of the 'gifted artist' or 'God given talent'. I do this by telling my story and that of my students with examples of our humble - apparent giftless beginnings and what we have achieved.

Dear Steve,

I was one of the lucky people to hear your presentation last night at Steve Morvell's art class, Thursday night in Ballarat.

It was sooo interesting, and very inspiring. 

I have only recently (this year) enrolled in classes with Steve after years of saying ' I will do this one day'..and of course, unless you make the time, it won't happen, so many many things you said last night about your own beginnings and progress and development - and attitude!! --- were very reassuring!  and encouraging!  

Your enthusiasm for your art was also wonderful to witness as well as the opportunity to see your work up close and personal!

 I just wanted to say 'thanks so much'!!  I'm still running through the session in my head today, and will over the coming days I know --- as last night I sat there, totally absorbed, like a sponge, soaking it all up, and  I was a bit overwhelmed on the half hour drive home last night.  So many things to capture and just delight in,

very kind regards,
Gail N, Dereel, Victoria

Hi Steve,
Thanks for a very informative evening in the old rat. It was great to see both yourself and Colleen again. I believe that we all need from time to time the input of other teachers both for their experience and different outlooks , otherwise be do become very comfortable in our own small world , we also tend to look on the teachers as someone to admire with the feeling of never really going to be that good ourselves so the talk on thinking grand is excellent , thanks again for you time

Sue M


With Stephen Powell
Thursday 10th March 2011 at 2.30pm

Ferntree Gully Library 1010 Burwood Hwy Ferntree Gully
Ph: 9294 8140

Stephen Powell is an Australian wildlife artist, photographer and tutor. He has
traveled through Australia & Africa to gather reference for his work. Steve
specialises in animals, birds and reptiles.
Join us for a very entertaining afternoon viewing these photographs.
Ferntree Gully Library 1010 Burwood Hwy Ferntree Gully
Ph: 9294 8140
Refreshments provided.

'Thirty people from the Photography Focus group enjoyed the presentation that Steve gave last Thursday. It was a very fascinating and factual look into photography and wildlife. We would recommend this presentation to everyone.
Thank you Steve.'

Julie Adams
Photography Focus

The Friends of Glenfern Valley Bushlands Inc.
December 2010

"Thank you very much for coming to our friends picnic in the park breakup. Your talk was so interesting and relevant and we all went away inspired and fired up to do more with our lives."


Eastern Regional Library Talks

A Deakin University Professor, after one of my library presentations, inquired about my availability for a presentation to her students. I asked about tailoring the presentation to the curriculum. She said it was not necessary she saw me as a motivational speaker!

'You could have given that presentation to a football team. It was inspirational'

Lynbrook Primary School
October 2010

"Stephen Powell presented in front of our Grade 3 children with a passion and energy that was extremely well received by all the children and staff. The children were transfixed with his anecdotal tales and photos of his overseas adventures and wild life encounters. The children also appreciated samples of Stephen’s art work, evoking a loud chorus of ‘ahs’.  Most impressive was Stephen’s ability to inspire children to believe that they could all be ‘artists’, and it was never too late to start.
A highly inspirational and memorable event for our students.
Thank you so much Stephen."

Sue Wilkinson
Level 3 coordinator
Lynbrook Primary School


October 2010 

'This wasn't as much a demonstration, as an EXPERIENCE!'

'Stephen, with the aid of slides, showed his passion and enthusiasm for wild animals, taking us along for the ride. He and his friend Steven Morvell went to Africa to photograph animals up close. He regaled us with stories of the wild and exciting encounters they had. The best being, Stephen was a born comedian, and had us laughing all evening. His enthusiasm was so catching; I felt I could sign up for the next safari. Me! Who is afraid of getting too close to chickens!'

'I am sorry I couldn't get everything he said down, as I found myself so engrossed I almost forgot to write the notes down.'

'It was a very entertaining and exciting evening which we all enjoyed immensely, and I felt sorry for those who missed it. lf I keep on writing about it, I will fill the newsletter!'

Maureen King.

Note: the above is a selection of the contents of the report.
Thank you to Maureen for her comments and extensive report.

Wildlife Arty Society of Australasia
March 2009  

'If you are reading this and were not at the March meeting not only did you miss the AGM but you also missed an entertaining and interesting talk by WASA painter Stephen Powell.
Stephen spent two months in South Africa traveling in Botswana and Rwanda, encountering the
creatures and environment. His photographs were amazing, as were his descriptions of his experiences.'

Kelvin Mather


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