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Superb Lyrebird displaying oil painting by Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographer

Title: ‘Symphony of the forest’
Subject: Superb Lyrebird displaying
Medium: PRINT:  Re-Mastered on canvas by Binary Master Art.
Print taken from the original oil painting commissioned
for a private collection.
Original Painted: 2012
Image size:
H: 645mm W: 965

Artist: Stephen Powell
Rolled Print: $665
Stretched: $800
Framing as below: $990

Framed size: Approx. H: 825 mm W: 1145 mm
Postage not included.

I get great pleasure from sharing the exhilaration that comes from hearing the magical song and observing the display of Lyrebirds - Dandenong Ranges.  I’ve have the privilege of being a regular visitor to the forest over many years. The lyrebird display still elicits a joyful response.  It’s rightfully considered to be one of marvels of the natural world. Watching the joy and emotion on the faces of those experiencing it for the first time is a treat! Following one of these visits to the forest I was commissioned to capture the essence of our shared experience in oil paint as a permanent reminder.

Symphony of the forest  Superb Lyrebird displaying. Oil Painting by Stephen Powell


Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger
Oil: 90 X 60cm

See Work in Progress


'Gentle protector with the 'Pub look'
Original Oil: 70 X 52 cm (87 X 68cm Framed)

I'm honored that this print was chosen for the personal
collection of the President of the Dewar Wildlife Trust, Inc.
Follow the link below and give them your support.

Gorilla Haven Logo


'Royal Focus'
Asiatic Lion
Oil: 34 X 44cm

(55 X 66cm Framed)


Oil: 40 X 51cm
(58 X 68cm Framed)

White-bellied Sea-Eagle

White-bellied Sea-Eagle
'Sea Eagle over Kakadu'

Original: Oil 73 X 42cm
(102 X 70cm Framed)


"King of the Bush"
Oil: 48.5 X 56.5cm

Tawny Frogmouth

Tawny Frogmouth
Oil: 25 X 35cm.

'I'm Watching You' - Koala
26 X 39.5 cm
(46 X 59.58cm Framed)
Featured Artist's Palette Magazine Edn:40

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