The Tasmania Trip



The black line plots our trip so far

View from the boat

Dove Lake Cradle Mountain

Dove Lake Cradle Mountain

Bumble Bee

Dove Lake Cradle Mountain

Lake Pedder Morning

Kingfisher on the Arthur River

Camp visitor Port Arthur

Despite Colleens burning desire to go the big spit, call for Ralph or Bert when even approaching a boat. We loaded up on this coastal rocket in Port Arthur and zoomed to the bottom of Australia. Not a Herbi to be heard the whole trip.

Thousand foot cliff and pillars.


Shy Albatross

Bullers Albatross

Bullers Albatross

Bullers Albatross

Australian Gannets, Seals and crested Terns. Dolphins, Short tailed Shearwater and Tuna in the mix.

Black-faced Cormorant
The images below are taken in Freycimet National Park

Hazards Beach

Richardson's Beach

Wineglass Bay

Richardson's Beach -Our camp beach Colleen 'stuck' here for 3 days whilst I drove and got the landrover transported to Launceston to fix turbo break down. Returned today for 5.5hr walk including Wineglass Bay & Hazards Beach. I added yet another 'missed the snake' incident to out travels. Fortunately this time small and dead. so far my results are:

  • Stepped over two live ones then spotted by Colleen.
  • Stepped over one dead one then spotted by Colleen.
  • Spotted one big one not seen by Colleen.
  • Decided to revise 1st aid kit to add pressure bandages for the seemingly inevitable
    '#$%& I've stepped on a snake and its bitten me' event.

Love trees

Colleen feeling some what triumphant having made it to Wineglass Bay!

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