The Tasmania Trip



The black line plots our trip so far

Cold - Arctic winds and frozen tent.
Time to head for the low lands!!

One of Tasi's rare Eagles

Bay of fires

Beach visitors - Bay of fires

Ben Lomond National Park.

Behind me (Left) in the valley is the road (above) that winds its way up to the mountain ski village. Very narrow and has the feel that it could slide down the valley at any time.

Capturing the scale and grandeur on a web image is difficult

Liffey Falls - Liffey Forest Reserve
South of Great Lake on our retreat from Arctic conditions in the high country

Ducks on the menu - 'Jolly Rogers' restaurant Boat Harbor Beach

Went to dinner at the Jolly Rogers and over heard conversations between fellow customers and waiter.
Waiter: Special for today is 'Duo of Duck'

Customer 1: Oh no I have pet ducks. - ordered something else.
Customer 2 on another table: "I have a pet duck called 'Ducky'!"
discussion followed on all things duck.
Me: Unable to restrain my self stepped into the conversation:
"I paint ducks and happen to have some shots of ducks I took today! Here's my card! "
Customer 1: "Do you do commissions?"
Me: "Do I!!! ....... what sort, how big, ......... give me your email ..."
Promptly organized to gather reference photos the next day. See photo opposite of one of 3 said ducks. They proved to be shy and difficult to approach. May have sensed my preference for the 'Duo of Duck'!
In the mean time customer 2 had logged on to the web and with a little prompting from me took a look at the duck painting on my site.
Customer 2: "By the way Ducky's in the car! I'll go and get him."
Ducky arrived see head on a box shot above.

Customers3 at a table in the corner were amused but showing sign of concern about the disturbing 'duck people' who had them surrounded. I approached and did my best to distance my self from the Ducky people who by now had described their level of 'obsession'. Ducky has a Face book page and a book in the works.

Narawntapu National Park.

The Wombat dilemma!!!

It may well be that we've been in tasi to long but we found this pretty amusing! A walking track winds its way across a currently grassy flood plain adjacent to a lake in Narawntapu National Park. An area approximately 1 sq K with one track. A single bridge was put in place to allow walkers to traverse a low area when the plains are flooded. Enter the wombat. With a vast area to dig a burrow it chose smack bang in the middle of the track one pace of the end of the bridge!

Our amusement at its position lead to extrapolation into the Parks Wombat Dilemma!

  • Health and safety implications for walkers.
  • If someone taking the designated path stepped of the bridge, down the hole and snapped something vital. What would the headlines scream? The witch hunt that would follow.
  • Insurance implications given they were aware of said hole and did nothing.
  • Make a sign. Put up warning tapes.
  • What about the guidelines on the parks infrastructure and its impact on the wildlife.
  • What to do? Move the wombat. Move the bridge?
  • Call a meeting with representatives for the conflicting imperatives.
  • A white paper. Wide ranging discussion on what to do going forward. Copies to all who attend and to various levels of management to spread the blame if disaster happens.
    • In the mean time the bodies pile up the entrance to wombat house.

A couple of potentially - alleged perpetrators.

The Wombat Federation Members are lock step in opposition to any action to move their house.

Steve Powell: reporting from Wombat hollow Tasmania.
Medication may help if they can catch me!

Mix of colours on the foreshore. The graphic pattern of the dead starfish grabbed my attention.

A substantial Tiger snake: Finally one spotted by me. fortunately it had its mouth full of frog - see foot in corner of mouth!
Little Pied Cormorant just to fill the gap!

Tasmanian pademelon & Bennett's wallabies

Forester (Eastern grey) Kangaroo, Macropus giganteus

Bumped in to some people on the beach and got talking - as I do!
One of the group said: "My father gave me your business card. He met you at Swim Cart Beach - Bay of Fires!"
Approximately 150ks away.
My mates tease me about being a self promoter. Handing out business cards to any one and every one. It appears that I have reached saturation point in Tasmania and the cards are now being further distributed by these random people I have ear bashed along the way!

My mission here is complete!

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